About the Tobermory Harbour Association

Established in 1983, Tobermory Harbour Association (THA) is a unique and instrumental community enterprise company based on the Isle of Mull responsible for the protection and development of Tobermory Bay and its environs on behalf of the community. THA’s objectives are to deliver increased visitor numbers, employment opportunities, and economic growth to support local businesses. A recent study by EKOS Ltd in 2016 demonstrated that the THA currently supports an annual spend of £2.5 million in the local economy and supports 65 FTE jobs. THA aims, through continued development and a long-term vision, to continue to grow the economic value of the harbour through an understanding of the community’s needs and building of community assets. As such, any unallocated funds are reinvested in the community and are used solely to grow the assets of the town.

THA has delivered numerous projects since inception including the complete reorganisation of the harbour moorings, fairways and buoys, installation of a 60-berth pontoon system with water and electricity serving visitors afloat, local charter boats, and dingy berths. Additionally, a dedicated passenger landing platform was installed to facilitate safe and secure access for cruise ship passengers, attracting over 40 cruise ships per annum.

In 2007 the THA harbour building ‘Taigh Solais’ was erected. Taigh Solais currently provides a boardroom, offices to let, a compressor shed, coastguard shed, public toilets, showers, and laundry facilities. THA has also created a boat park and storage compounds which are leased to local businesses.

THA also runs the Mull Aquarium which is Europe’s first ‘Catch and Release’ aquarium. This is a successful visitor attraction which also runs events and educational programmes for local children and schools. More information about the Aqaurium can be found by visiting their website https://mullaquarium.co.uk

In the 2017 THA became a Harbour Authority responsible for the safe navigation and conservancy within Tobermory Harbour.

THA utilises grant funding opportunities to grow their asset portfolio and increase business opportunities by developing infrastructure to support and grow core businesses and to provide wider community benefits. Recent projects include a £425,000 infrastructure project to install a new 80-meter breakwater to provide all tidal and deep water berthing for fishing & aquaculture vessels. Through a Scottish Land Fund grant, THA have recently purchased the land, pier, slipway, and buildings at Aros Park Waterfront. This is a key piece of land to the southeast of Tobermory that has great historic importance to the town and is a well-loved community asset. THA have plans now to develop this asset for the long-term benefit of the local community. For more information on this and other projects in development please check out our Projects section.

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