Articles of Association

The Tobermory Harbour Association is a community company limited by guarantee. The THA was granted Statutory Harbour Authority status on 12th June 2017 with implementation of Harbour Empowerment Order (HEO) by the Scottish Ministers.

​The Company is run by up to 9 volunteer member directors, who are elected from the membership. Member directors are responsible for strategic planning and decision making of the company.  Member directors are also individually and collectively accountable as the Duty Holder for compliance under the Port Marine Safety Code. Operational decisions are made by an Executive Committee, which comprises of; 2-3-member directors, staff and managers. The executive committee then delegate day-to-day management to staff. See attached current company structure.

Attached in downloads is the Articles of Association of the Company. This is the constitution which outlines the rules and includes matters such as definition of membership and procedures for electing directors.

Minutes of Board Meetings

Minutes from the most recent monthly Board Meetings.

If you wish access to archived minutes, please contact us.

AGM & EGM Minutes

Accepted Minutes from last three AGM's plus the most recent Annual Report. Draft Minutes from the most recent AGM available on request.

If you wish access to archived AGM minutes or from any EGM please contact us.

Financial Reporting

Tobermory Harbour Association is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee and registered in Scotland. Company number SC256859 constituted in 2003.

R A Clement Associates in Oban are Accountants for the Company. Annual accounts are prepared by them within 6 months of the financial year end; 31st March. The accounts are presented and fully reported to the Board and then presented for approval of the Members at the Annual General Meeting held in November. Accounting policy can be seen in the “Notes to Financial Statements” as prepared by the Accountants in the latest set of accounts.

The Company has an internal Financial Control Document which lays down the rules regarding budgeting, spending and control of the various Bank funds. This ensures that the finances of the Company are checked and balanced at more than one level with any concerns raised to the Board.

Cash-flow management is carefully monitored and annual budgets are set for the various departments to ensure that the business can continue to trade profitably and grow for the benefit of the Community. Project funding applications are completed by staff and Executive with approval of the Board. The Articles of Association cover rules regarding payments to staff and Executive. Salary bands and Executive Directors payments are controlled by a remuneration committee who report their recommendations to the Board for approval.

Representing this Community Company, the Board of Member Directors of Tobermory Harbour Association is mindful of its responsibility to the Community. The ethos of “facilities for all” is at the heart of the decision making of the Company and financial control one of the keys to its success.

Strategic Plan

We are working on our Strategic Plan